In today’s fast-paced life, the importance of a healthy mind is often underestimated. Our busy office lives and other personal and professional commitments keep us on our toes, giving us no time to calm down and relax. We are constantly stressed out about one thing or the other and tend to overlook its impact on our minds until it worsens to the extent of us requiring medical aid.

Deteriorating mental health isn’t as easily noticeable as ruining physical health. This is what makes it harder for us to understand when we need to take corrective action. We have mentioned below twenty-six things you may be doing, which add to the heavy bundle of pressure that your brain carries for you all the time.


Your posture is incorrect

Did you just get reminded of your childhood when you were nagged at by your parents and teachers to sit up with your spine straight? Well, you very much need to abide by that advice for more than one reason. Right posture not just saves you from back pain and other health complications but also uplifts your mood and keeps any sad or depressing thoughts at bay.



Being ignorant of your budget

Planning your expenditure and matching it with your income may seem tedious and an unnecessary waste of time and effort. But, if you manage to do it, you will be grateful to yourself when you won’t be cash-crunched by the end of the month. Without a budget, you always end up spending more than your means which adds to your brain’s worries.



Eating a lot of junk food

Healthy eating is paramount for your mind as well as for your body. While indulging in a burger or pizza once in a while causes you almost no harm, being dependent on local food trucks for most of your meals is, in no way, a wise choice.



Your surroundings are a mess

Yes, you read that right. Keeping your surroundings cluttered does impact your mental well-being. Such spaces suck out your energy and push you towards unhealthy habits like avoiding work to watch TV, overeating, and oversleeping. Still don’t believe us? Sort out the mess in your house and see the change in your state of mind yourself.



Toiling yourself for perfection

It is good to relentlessly push yourself a little harder in order to achieve bigger things in life but you have to keep in mind that there is a limit to which you can do that. It is alright if results don’t turn out exactly the way you imagined they would. Being too hard on yourself or always dissatisfied with your performance will wreck your mental peace.



Always comparing yourself with others

We know that to reach such a level of maturity where we are content with our capabilities and not desirous of switching ours with someone else’s is easier said than done. In today’s competitive world, it’s nearly impossible to not get influenced by other’s achievements. However, comparing yourself with your peers doesn’t do you any good. A better approach is to direct your energy towards effectively utilizing your skills to reach higher goals.



Too tight schedule

You are no superhero that you can accomplish one task after the other without taking any intervals to regain your stamina. Jumping cheerfully from hectic office work to getting on to household chores is attainable only in energy drink commercial. Taking short power brakes enhances your effectiveness enabling you to finish responsibilities smoothly without straining your brain or body.



Saying yes to everything

You cannot please everyone. And, even if you could, are you on Earth to make everyone else adore you even though it entails your interests being kicked aside? No. Right? Coercing your mind into accepting any challenge thrown at it drains your positivity and also diminishes your self-worth. Do not hesitate to turn down a dinner invitation if you are longing for some alone time. People are more understanding than the assumption you have of them.



Saying you are okay when you actually aren’t

If you are going through a rough patch, it is fine to sit down with a close one and talk it out. You do not always have to bury all your issues in your brain with a suppressed smile and the usual “I am okay.” Letting it out wouldn’t solve your problem but will make you feel relieved for sure. It would also help in connecting with people who care about you on a better level.



Trying too hard

The world will not come to an end or you will not be fired if you reach office late by a few minutes once in a blue moon. Striving for perfection engulfs you with remorse when something doesn’t turn out one hundred percent the way you expected it to. Stop acting like a devil making the most of every opportunity you get to disparage yourself.



Hating your feelings

Though it is utmost crucial to seek professional help if you have been feeling depressed for a while or lack the motivation to do anything productive, being upset over a disappointment is nothing to abhor yourself about. You are a human being and you will have all sorts of emotions. It is normal to let the pain of breakup flow away through your tears instead of holding it to your chest. You cannot be your cheerful best all year-round.



Mulling over your past

Your past is better left buried in the past. What can you do about it anyway? No duration of dwelling over what happened some years ago will give you an opportunity to go back in time and rectify it. Hence, there is no point in ruining your present because of the mistakes you may or may not have made in the past. Take lessons from it and leave it behind.



Not exercising enough

The benefits you reap by exercising daily are far-reaching. You don’t just work on your muscles or burn fat when working out. You prioritize yourself, get hold of your actions, make yourself feel worthy, and so much more. The feel-good hormones released into your bloodstream after an intensive session of work out can’t be gained by any other means.



Not having a long-term aim

Setting a well-thought-out long-term goal and the path through which you seek to reach it gives you direction in life and protects you from feeling stranded at any stage. Social media can very cleverly distract you from your track but you will know when you are wandering off and have to take a pause and get back if your planning is on point.



Stress-relieving activities aren’t your priority

If you cannot recall the last time you shunted yourself out from your monotonous life to pursue a hobby, now is high to think about your needs. Incessant working with no hiatuses harms your mental health and affects your performance in the long-run.



Spending a lot of time alone

We aren’t saying that the countless number of articles you have read regarding the relevance of alone time was misleading. It is during such times when your creativity is at the highest. But, every activity can be best benefitted from only if they are practiced in moderation. Sadness and loneliness will begin to crop up if you spend over and above the desired number of hours with no company.



Being addicted to your phone

The amount of time people spent on their phones grew by leaps after the advent of smartphones. Barring a few exceptions, nearly everyone seems to be addicted to them. It is true that they help us fulfill our work commitments easily, keep us updated, provide entertainment, and act as a companion when we are lonely. Having said this, its implications on our mental aptitude must not be ignored.



Social media addiction

Much of our phone addiction can be attributed to social media. New platforms and improved versions of older ones are being made available to us every few weeks and we can’t help but try them out. You open your profile to post a picture and, with no realization, spend hours scrolling down your feed. You are always feeling pressured that your friend’s profile is cooler and you need to do something about yours. Such thoughts degrade your confidence and drag you towards mental illness.



Being stuck in a toxic relationship

If your relationship is giving you more worries than moments of happiness, calling it quits with that person is the first thing you must do. No good can come out of it if the care, compassion, need, and craziness has died down and the space is filled with useless arguments accusing one another followed by regretting your decision of moving into their house. There is no one who is worth compromising your self-respect for.



Not getting enough sleep

You need your eight hours of sleep for more than just not waking up with puffy eyes the next morning. Good sleep is also necessary for the proper functioning of your brain. This doesn’t hold true only for adults but it is equally needed by children as well. Sleep-deprived individuals are very likely to develop psychological disorders later in life.



Not getting a peaceful sleep

When you are on the bed, you have to shut your eyes and switch your brain off. If it is occupied with planning your next day or you can’t stop repenting how you didn’t make the most of the current day, chances are you won’t slip into a deep sleep and wake up next morning with a frustrated crease on your forehead.



Suppression of every negative thought

Your negative thoughts aren’t something valuable that you keep them chained in your brain. They are parasites that need to be flushed out at the earliest. Do not fear being judged for having such thoughts. You have to get rid of them even if you have to walk up to a stranger and utter it out like a psychotic person.



Not drinking enough water

The benefits accruing to you by consuming plenty of water are manifold. Drinking ample water gives you glowing skin, is essential for the right functioning of your organs, it reduces weight, steadies your brain, etc. It is one ingredient that is readily available and is most effective for any ailment. This is also the easiest habit you can incorporate in your life. Do not be agitated if no major change is noticed. It takes time to yield results.



Never doing anything to achieve mental peace

Your mental fitness is something you tend to care the least about. Even when you are aware of its worsening condition, you are reluctant to take a step towards resurrecting it and think it would heal with time. This is where you go wrong. Finding out a solution for every problem which is keeping you restless is what your brain is begging of you.



Not taking out time and reflecting

Reflecting on your actions enables you to find out anything which is wrong with your behavior and needs to be changed so you can become a better person. At the same time, it also lets you register the bigger or smaller accomplishments you make every now and then and appreciate yourself. Sitting down for a mere ten minutes for this activity can work wonders.



Not communicating your needs with your partner

Your partner is not a mind reader that they cannot comprehend the cause of your frenzied behavior and come to your assistance. Quit cursing them under your breath and make them aware of your needs. Ask for help with the dishes if you can’t manage it alone. Let them know they have to do something about their snoring if it is disrupting your sleep. Open-hearted discussions will strengthen and solidify your relationship.