As technology is making rapid advancements every passing day, we hear about an increasing number of people losing their jobs due to the number of jobs getting automated or mechanized. The technology today is far more superior than what our ancestors had, which is why automation can nearly do most of the mechanical functions. Earlier, men would calculate the huge numbers required for the stock market but now we have electronic calculators and financial tools to do the same. Despite this, there are still some jobs that cannot be automated. Here is a list of these professions that are here to stay:


1. Chief Executive Officer

Leadership is a quality that is made up of several aspects such as good decision making, hard work as well as smart work, team effort, motivation, to name a few. No matter how much the technology develops, it is highly unlikely for a machine to perform these activities on a day to day basis as these vary according to the situation. There may be devices that will help CEOs perform better but machines can never replace the creativity and unique thinking abilities possessed by man, making it a job that is here to stay despite the advent of technology.



2. IT Professionals and System Admins

While technology indeed will update itself and make things easier, it cannot do all of that by itself. Technology requires a man to come up with new innovations to make its program better. It also needs IT managers or even system administrators to solve the malfunctions that make be caused in its coding. The most secure job right now is that of IT professionals as without them there will be no improvement in automation.



3. Production Managers

The manufacturing industry has also seen the loss of many jobs due to automation. However, the industry still needs people to supervise these machines. The production procedure includes a lot of planning and decision making which cannot be performed by machines all alone – making production managing a job that will stay no matter what.



4. Medical Profession

Each medical case is unique in its own and needs a personal inspection to diagnose a disease, a tumor or an illness. It is highly unlikely for automation to carry out jobs like these because these jobs cannot be coded. It completely depends on the interactions doctors or nurses have with their patients and each person’s body is different, making the medical profession stay relevant despite the technological takeover.


5. Graphic Designers

Imagination and creativity are the gifts only humans have received and these talents are put up to use by graphic designers. While machines can create several thousand copies of a design, the original art is made by humans. Machines cannot think of creative advertising techniques or logos that will appeal to the customers. The human element is necessary and this is why graphic designers are here to stay.



6. Writers

Writing is the subtle art that is driven by imagination and personal experiences of the authors. It requires a lot of observation and derivation of lessons from these. You need to create an imaginary world that strikes a chord with people and your target audience. This is something that machines simply cannot do. They are only capable of duplicating work and not thinking for themselves, adding writers to the list of people who won’t lose out on their job due to technology.



7. Teaching

There has been a growth in the digital educational platforms that provide visual aids to students. These are also designed by teachers and the interactions that take place in a class are important to a child’s growth. This interaction cannot be provided by any bots who will only provide limited information to the kids.


8. Attorneys

Legal procedures are unique in every country and each case differs from the other. Using a precedent for your current case requires intellect and thinking. It is close to impossible to develop software that can understand the requirements of a case and find a solution based on the situation at hand. Lawyers and attorneys require decision-making skills and this makes it impossible to be automated.



9. Marketing

Marketing includes understanding the four Ps of the marketing mix, namely, product, place, price, and promotion. It required strategies to make the target audience notice the company’s product. They need to come up with a set of logical solutions to make the product a success. This job cannot be performed by machines as they cannot change the solutions according to the requirements.



10. Human Resources

Like other professions mentioned above, the profession of HR requires a lot of interaction with people which bots and machines are incapable of performing. HR is responsible for resolving conflicts, and ensuring employees are satisfied and maintaining basic employee standards. A job such as this cannot be mechanized because it varies according to the requirements of the people they have to interact with.