In this modern era, dating and dating expectations of society have all changed completely. Maybe because of the new ways of dating such as online dating, or maybe because of the changed mindset of the new generations – or everything together. Whatever it is, you need to stay updated with the new dating jargon and rules. And if you were on a break and jumping back into dating after a long time, then you need to tighten your belt and get rid of the old-fashioned dating tips which were no doubt once considered as ‘romantic’ but now come off as real ‘creepy.’

If you find yourself confused about the do’s and don’ts of the present dating world, do not worry. You are not alone. In this wide dating pool, it is common to be jumbled by the competition and the need to find the right partner. So, irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or single, the following compilation of the old-fashioned dating tips to stop following is something that you will definitely appreciate. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Spending a lot of time together is good

It depends on your partner. All of us get too excited about our dates and want to go on more. But you have to keep in mind the comfort level, and interest of your partner and respect their personal space. Few things need to be taken care of for a smooth relation.



Fighting over her is impressive

Only in movies! It isn’t romantic at all in real life. Instead, it comes off as stupid and foolish behavior. Please don’t fight with anyone who likes your partner. Enjoy and give them a good company instead of making a fool out of yourself.



Play games for it to go smoothly

A relationship is never a game. And if you deal with it in a similar manner, you lose. Relations are built on trust, confidence, honesty, respect and several other basic pillars. So put in all your efforts and you will surely receive the same.



You will know ‘the one’ when you look at them

Who is your ‘the one’? Maybe the perfect person you imagined? But do they exist?

Relationship, bond, love grows with time and so does individuals. You and I, all are humans with imperfections. And the theory of ‘the one’ Is too old-fashioned and flawed.



“How are you still single!?” is flattering

No, it isn’t! Maybe she is happy being single or she hasn’t found anyone yet. That doesn’t make her life incomplete in any way. So, don’t say that to a girl as a compliment.



Indulge in a serious talk right away

Thinking about where will you both end up in just one or two dates is a bit impractical. And talking about this with the other person so soon will scare them off for sure. So, take things slow till you both get comfortable and know each other properly.



Men will be men

Few things in dating aren’t acceptable when a woman does that but guys get away with the fact that they will remain the same and nothing can be done about it. Then what do you do? Don’t settle for anything that makes you less happy. Say if it is fine if a man flirts even when in a relationship, so do you have the right to try to make them understand or make them taste their own medicine.



Try harder to make her interested even when she’s not

Similar to women, men were also taught to constantly try to make her say ‘yes’.

Terrible advice! Once she has turned you down, the only thing you should do is accept it and move on and not come out as a creep. Then, if she tells you that you should have ‘tried harder.’ You can simply tell her that in the 21st century, playing hard to get doesn’t pay off. And that you know ‘no means no.’



Flowers are a must

The days when your date would come to your door with flowers in hand are gone. Because amidst of dating apps, this has become quite outdated. So don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t happen.



And gifts

They say the best gifts are the ones in which you put your thought and consider their interests. Surely, receiving a gift makes all of us feel so special and good but giving a gift on the first date will send signals that you are moving too fast or looking for something serious which might scare people who come to meet you.



The Man pays the bill

Do you think it’s anymore in trend? I believe the new trend has become going dutch. Nowadays, women themselves insist on splitting the bill evenly. No pressure on you if you pick up the bill first being a man, it’s admired but if she insists, then just split it or tell her to pay for the next date. This will make her happier that you are interested in and looking forward to spending more time together.



Single mothers shouldn’t date

Hello!? It is 2020. It isn’t bad at all for single mothers to date anymore. It was earlier when the society didn’t look at this in a very good way but now everything has changed with time.



Opinions aren’t for women

Opinionated women sometimes scare people who have rigid thinking and haven’t changed for years. You have been always taught to adjust, understand and deal with everything in the best way you can but opinions! Not for you to express. But times have changed and so has the world around us. So you go and speak your mind.



Weakness isn’t to be shown by men

We’ve been hearing this since times unknown. If you are sensitive, you have the right to feel emotional and express. There is no more need for you to always play strong. Your partner will love you for who you are and not who the society expects you to be.



The first date should be a dinner or movie date

It isn’t any more a compulsion or cool for the first date to be a movie or dinner date only. Now what matters is the time that you spend together in knowing each other. A nice conversation leaves a lasting impression, not the movie that you watched together.



It is immoral to date many

And why is that so? No harm in dating till you find the person you were looking for.



Find your partner with the same background as yours

Does this still matter? Absolutely not. You, your happiness, satisfaction and love matters.



Getting intimate on the first date is a no-no!

The social rules of dating expectations have been of this kind. But if you feel things are getting heated and steamy, go for it when it’s consensual. And if you are older, then you are steps ahead of millennials dating.



Get super dressed up for the date

Obviously, you aren’t expected to show up in loose pajamas. But you aren’t also expected to go overboard and dress up for a gala event. Just look presentable and you are done!



Guard your territory

Being too possessive or territorial is a bit unattractive no doubt. One way to get out of this is by talking and sharing how you feel about the actions of your partner. But making them feel restricted isn’t what you both signed for. Clarity: A bit of jealousy is totally normal and acceptable but you don’t stop them from interacting with the other people and feel insecure all the time.



Marrying at an early age is good

The millennials focus on many more aspects of life rather than marriage. They have their concerns regarding their career and whatnot. Jumping into things fast isn’t bad but maybe too risky which will cost you your relationship. So think before making major decisions in a relationship.



The Man is supposed to pick you up

Being a gentleman and picking up the lady for the date is all good. But thinking it’s your responsibility being a man is a total no-no! I think it’s much more attractive for you to pick up your partner if you are a girl and even meeting directly at the venue is totally fine.



Constantly play hard to get

In the olden times, women used to play hard to get in order to seem more attractive and more in control. They were taught to hide their affection for long and give the partner all the time to persuade them. Do you honestly think this is any more helpful? In a world where people have fast lives and prefer honesty? Today, you don’t want to act as a win to be chased by your partner but be in a relationship where feelings of both are known. And being shy or playing hard to get sends mixed signals and is risky. Men will prefer not to go with this because they know now that “no means no”. So go out there, say what you feel when you are sure and that’s how you do it!



Losers use dating apps, Men approach in the real world

What taboo! A place where more than half of the adults use dating apps, you are telling me dating apps aren’t worth it. It has become so much easier for people to meet partners from different places which isn’t usual in daily life. Also, it is so helpful for older people or millennials who don’t prefer to pick their dates from a bar or club.

There’s absolutely no harm in meeting people online…



Let the male partner make the first move

If you are a guy, sorry for so much pressure on you! Now is not the time when you should avoid making the first move girl! In the age of online dating, sliding into DMs to express your interest is much better than wait for the other to take the initiative. Some men out there even prefer forward women more. You don’t come out as too desperate, so chill. What is the worst thing that could happen to you? Just that the person you admire would say ‘no’ but knowing that you put yourself in the dating world, it isn’t always merry. And if they can’t handle your forwardness, please let them go and be thankful that you aren’t with them.

And the most important of all, good manners never go out of fashion. So, always give respect, be kind, considerate towards other’s feelings and do what you wish to do. Don’t pay much heed to society’s expectations and rules. What matters is you and your happiness as I mentioned before. Happy Dating!