Most of us do not realize the importance of physical fitness in our lives. Being physically fit doesn’t just keep you stronger and more agile, but it also works wonders on your mental toughness. It is, therefore, very important to take out at least an hour a day for exercising and gym to ensure you have a good, healthy body and mind. And while most of the people who work out in a gym focus on biceps and other body parts, it is the core that is often left behind. Leaving out core-building exercises not just puts more strain on your back and ultimately your form, but is also bad for your overall physique. So, the next time you step out on that beach, make sure you have chiseled, toned abs. We’ve included a list of four exercises that would help you reach that goal for sure. Here it goes –


Hanging Leg Lifts

Just go to a chin-up bar and hang from it, with your hands at least shoulder-width apart and the legs lifted up in the air. You can go for arm straps if you feel your upper body isn’t strong enough to sustain the weight. After that, slowly lift your knees in such a way that your calves are at ninety degrees and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Continue holding this position for at least 2-3 seconds and then slowly lower your legs back to starting position. On your 10th rep, keep the leg-holding position for at least 10 seconds before you lower it back. Try to do three sets of these at first and once your body is stronger, you can keep adding more sets to work out your core muscles even better.



Lower-Abs Reverse Curls

Lie on your back on an inverted sit-up bench raised to its highest angle, with your head on the foot support. Now hold the foot support with your arms in such a way that your elbows are pointing towards your legs. Your legs should be positioned in such a way that the knees are bent, while the heels touch your buttocks. Slowly start lifting your legs towards your chest, while keeping the heels in the same position. Hold on to this position for 2 seconds and go back to the resting position after that. Perform the same exercise for three sets of twelve reps each.



Inverted Pulsating Abs

We will need the inverted sit-up bench for this exercise as well. This time, turn around and put your feet in the foot support and lie down – with the bench at an exact same high angle. Keep your hands in such a way that they are at ninety degrees to your body. Now keeping this position of your hands, slowly lift your head by 3 inches and stay in the same position for around 2-3 seconds and then gently go back to the resting position. Repeat this exercise for three sets of twenty reps each and you’ll notice the benefits over a period of time.



Freestyle Full-Range Sit-ups

This one doesn’t even need any kind of equipment. Just lie flat on the floor with your back facing the ground, and bend your knees at ninety degrees and lift them in the air, with your calves’ parallel to the ground. Now, extend your forearms above and from this position, slowly bring them forward to touch your toes. Lie down again to the resting position and repeat this exercise for three sets of twenty reps each and you’ll see wonders over time.

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