When you begin dating someone you are extremely cautious as you do not want to make any of the mistakes you did in your past relationships. You want this one to last. It’s good to want that and to work towards achieving it, but at the same time, it’s all the more crucial that you simply let things be and not overthink or overdo. If you pay heed to and follow every dating and relationship advice coming your way, you might actually wreck your happy-going relationship and bring it to a close. You need to be capable of making a distinction between the advice you have to get to your head and the ones that you can let go past your ears. We have put down a list of 25 such tips you can stop taking seriously without a second thought. Without any more delay, let’s check out the article now.


“Don’t be the one making the first move”

If you have been crushing on someone for quite some time, then there is nothing wrong in asking them out. You can’t just keep waiting for them to make the first move. It will make you irritated, unsettled, and desperate. Have a little courage and trust your instincts.



“Look for someone with same hobbies”

We are sure you don’t go around falling in love with every other person you meet. It’s not easy for two people to connect with each other and develop a bond. Imagine how difficult you would make it if you already have a set of things you wish your future partner liked doing in their free time. It is just okay if the two of you have distinct hobbies. It will only give you some alone time or time to socialize with others.



“Soulmates do exist”

What are soulmates exactly? And how can one tell if someone is or isn’t your soulmate? The fact is that such a thing doesn’t exist. Two people meet, they like one another, which grows into love, care, concern, and a strong desire to want that person in your life forever.



“Always make up before going to bed”

It’s never a bad idea actually to talk it out and end fights before dozing off. Doing that ensures you are not grumpy and tight-lipped the next morning. However, there could be some fights that drain or hurt you to an extent that you aren’t comfortable even talking to your partner. In such a case, simply relax and take your time. There is no rush. If your partner loves you, they won’t end it with you because of you not talking to them for a day or two.



“You can change him/her”

Firstly, no person on this planet is perfect. Everyone has some good qualities and certain bad attributes. When you are truly in love with someone, you love and adore all the good and all the bad in them. Secondly, it is nearly impossible that you’ll ever find someone who will be every bit like the person you imagined yourself settling down with. So, quit trying to mold your partner into any other person. That will be an attempt you’ll never be able to succeed in.



“Time can heal any wound”

Not all wounds can be healed by time. If that were the case, then every older couple you come across must be happy and contented with their lives. But it isn’t so. Right? Your partner might commit an unforgivable mistake. In such a circumstance, it is fine for you to break up and get on with your life.



“Children will bring you two closer”

If you are in a troubled relationship, the worst you could do is bringing children into your life. Raising children is no cakewalk. So, until you both are at accord and undeniably ready, do not even give conceiving a thought. It will make things even worse.



“Age is nothing but a number”

The people of this day and age are more accepting than ever before. Hence, we aren’t surprised when we see couples with significant age differences giving us some major relationship goals. It isn’t really a big deal if you want to date someone older than you because they seem more mature and understanding. But be ready to pay the price, as it won’t be as easy it could have been had they been your age.



“The guy has to the one paying every bill”

But why? Why does it have to be the guy who pays bills? Why can’t you? You both work, you both make money. Gone are the days when men used to be the breadwinners and woman’s responsibilities remained confined to doing household chores. Girls, please if you don’t want to let this one go, you have to stop being so stingy and start shelling out some of your own earnings.



“The one earning more should pay each time”

No matter how much money one makes, (barring few exceptions) we never feel it’s so much that we can recklessly and lavishly go about spending it. Everyone loves their hard-earned money and desires to save it. So, even if you are the lesser earning one, always offer to split the bill or to pay once in a while.



“Keeping finances separate is always better”

Keeping your finances separate only means that (in the back of your head) you are keeping yourself ready for a breakup. Why else would you want that? If you are committed to your relationship, you would want to merge your accounts, so you use your total household income wisely and invest smartly.



“No arguments means excellent chemistry”

If two people are talking to one another on an everyday basis, it’s absolutely normal for them to have arguments and alterations every now and then. It’s always good to speak out instead of keeping it buried in your mind. It is a false notion that never arguing or fighting will make your relationship stronger.



“Post marriage, your looks can be the least of your concern”

Eating healthy to maintain your shape and keeping yourself well-groomed is something people of every age have to do irrespective of whether they are single, dating, or married. You looking your best would not just keep your partner hooked on to you, but it will also motivate them to take care of their own appearance.



“Opposites attract”

While this theory in physics is backed by countless experiments and observations, there is no such backing when it comes to your love life. It is possible for two people who are poles apart to fall madly in love with each other and, at the same time, it does happen that two minds having everything in common make for great partners.



“Break up must follow cheating”

When you cheat your loved one, you do much more than that. You break their trust, their faith, lie to them, hide your feelings, and shatter their heart. Wanting to part ways with that person may seem like the right choice. But, before doing it, be assured that that’s what you wish for and you’re not pleading with your heart to give them a second chance.



“Fights must always be avoided”

Keeping every tiny detail that bothers you to yourself would only make you irritable and can be ruinous for the relationship. We know getting into a nasty fight with your significant other doesn’t sound so romantic, but no relationship can survive if the members are not at mental peace. Making them understand your concerns calmly can be a sought-after alternative.



“Checking their phone is your right”

Nobody fancies being spied on. And no, it’s not casual or fine for you to take your partner’s phone to read their conversations with others. They may not say anything to you initially, but it does hurt to learn that you are not being trusted and your words are not being relied upon.



“It’s not jealousy, it’s their love for you”

You will dismantle your relationship if you turn green-eyed every time your partner is out with a colleague or spends longer texting on their phone. They are with you because they find you better than the rest. Your constant eavesdropping or losing your temper over nothing will only push them away from you.



“You should get hitched”

It is you who has been dating this person. Only you two know if you understand one another well enough to enter into a lifelong commitment by getting married. Do it only if every nerve in your body tells you that this is the one. Never let anyone else decide that for you or even influence your decision in any way.



“20s is the apt age to tie the knot”

It is no shocker why people advise you to be settled down by the time you reach the thirties. It is the phase when you have a high libido and have also reached financial stability. On the other hand, higher age can make it harder to conceive. But, if you haven’t found your ‘the one’ yet, it’s for your best that you wait instead of saying ‘I do’ half-heartedly.



“You can get someone better”

When there is eternal love between two people, the thought that they can get someone better never strikes their mind. If any such suggestion reaches your ears, tell them you have the best. That’s the reason you are with this one. You wouldn’t be if you had even the slightest doubt. Always keep in mind that the person putting such ideas in your mind doesn’t know your partner as well as you do.



“Dating down is always good”

Dating down refers to dating someone who doesn’t fit the conventional standards of good looks as much as you do or is less successful when compared to you. It is assumed you would be treated better by such a partner. What you actually do is getting yourself into a troublesome relationship if you date down intentionally.



“Love hurts”

Love is supposed to be the best feeling. Your mind and body are in harmony when you are in love. The thought of meeting your partner fills you with euphoria and there is a smile on your face every morning. If your relationship has you all cranky and moody, then ending it is always better than making yourself suffer.



“You should end it”

You are the one in it. You know whether you can fight the challenging ups and downs and stay together or not. Your friend’s or father’s opinion doesn’t matter.



“Don’t take it too seriously”

Why shouldn’t you? You love him, he loves you, you two really feel that connect and desire. You got no reason to not take it seriously. Do all you want to make your special one feel special. Shower them with love, surprise them, spend time together, travel the world, make promises, envisage getting married, and every other thing.