‘You are what you wear’. That’s the motto that today’s generation follows. Fashion has been ever-evolving and we have stepped up from puff gowns to chic clothing. In this era, your clothes define you, they are your identity.

Well, there have been some major fashion mishaps in the past decade or so, which we deeply regret. Here are some men’s fashion trends, which are quite questionable-


The faux hawk hairdo

Back in the 80s, jazz musicians began to style their hair to look like the mohawk. They shaved the side hair, and left a strip of long hair in the middle, kind of like Hawkeye’s supposed-to-be-cool haircut in the Avengers: Endgame.

The trend was unfortunately back again in the 2000s, in a much more embarrassing way – the sides weren’t shaved, and the hair in the middle was extensively gelled up.




Much like hair highlights, men started to dye the tips of their hair in the mid-1990s. This hairdo was called ‘frosted tips’ or ‘guy-lights’. Thankfully, the fad died out by the next decade.



Capris for Men

Capris are garments that aren’t short enough to be called shorts or long enough to be called pants. Capris do look good on women and children, but well, they are not meant for men. The ‘manpris’ became a major trend in Europe, which, fortunately, died out soon.



Skater-Boy Hairdo

The credit goes to Ryan Sheckler for inventing this hairstyle in the early 2000s, which had young girls swooning over him. He grew his hair almost to the length of his face and swooped it to one side. This hairstyle was last seen on Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, and Zac Efron.



Von Dutch and Ed Hardy Clothing Line

Christian Audigier designed both Von Dutch and Ed Hardy clothing line. He infused tattoo designs into the shirts, pants, and shoes created by him, which is a fashion disaster in today’s era. Celebrities wore this clothing line, which made it a fad among the youngsters and led to it grossing over $700 million.



The Overalls

The overalls were invented by Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis as a work uniform for farmers. But well, these were never meant to be a fashion statement, but thanks to Will Smith, they were considered as a trendy outfit.



Square-toe shoes

It’s the basic rule that what you consider fashion must be comfortable for you. But this trend defied the rule and probably left a shoe bite too. This fad started in the early 90s and went on for almost 20 years. Thankfully, we don’t see more of them now.



The Backward Baseball Hat

Baseball hats were invested to beat the scorching sun and protect one’s eyes from the glare. But when people wear a baseball hat sideways or at the back, they defeat the very purpose for which the hat was invented. Quite a dumb trend.



The popped-up collars

Well, as the name suggests, this trend involved putting up your collars and covering your neck. This fad spread like fire and men from across the globe started putting up their collars. Even celebrities started doing so. To say the least, it looked shabby.



Parachute Pants

If you’re a break-dancer, you would require more flexibility with your pants. Bugle Boy invented the parachute pants that were flexible and allowed a range of movements. However, these soon became a fashion trend and these loose pants were highly unflattering as daily wear.



Bell bottoms

These pants were a major fashion statement during the 1970s. Bell bottoms were designed to allow comfort for people who worked on ships and boats. However, this trend soon became outdated and is not so trendy now.



The over-the-top belt buckles

The oversized belt buckles were used to display one’s name or symbol, and also their address. Just kidding. But, thankfully, these fashion disasters went away with time, for good.



Saggy Pants

While we are talking of accessories that were used to keep one’s pants in place, some genius invented saggy pants, which were the ultimate fashion disaster, even at the time they were invented. Well, Justin Bieber has tried them on as well.



The velvety tracksuit

Tracksuits were invented in the 80s and were quite a fad due to the comfort they offered. This garment was perfect for working out. But things turned weird when people started wearing them as daily wear. Thankfully, people don’t do that nowadays.



Tank tops for men

Well, what’s worse than people wearing tracksuits while not working out? Men wearing tank tops with their tracksuit pants. Well, thank god this fashion disaster is out of trend now.



The Calculator Watch

This accessory was both functional and trendy. Timex and Casio were the most popular brands, which manufactured these watches. However, due to the heavy and nerdy look of the watch, the fad soon began to fade away.



The Hawaiian Puka Shell Necklaces

Native Hawaiians created jewelry out of the puka shells, which soon became a fad with the people. Though these necklaces looked beautiful with the traditional Hawaiian dress, when men started to wear them with their tank tops, it was a disaster.




Lyndon Hanson, George Boedecker, and Scott Seamans created footwear, made completely of foam. These were created for the purpose of boating, but due to the comfort they offered, people began to wear them as daily wear. Though they may be comfortable AF, they are dubbed as the ‘ugliest shoes.’



V-neck t-shirts for men

Well, just being honest, V-necks are just not made for men. The neckline looks great on women, but not much appealing on men. If you wish to show off your pecs, unbutton the top buttons of your shirt and you’re good to go!



UGG boots for men

While these UGG boots are highly popular among women, it’s just out rightly weird seeing men wearing these boots. Well, let’s just hope that this fad just stops right now.



Chin Strip

Imagine men with no beard on their cheeks, but a long beard just after their jawline. Well, we too don’t want to imagine it. But alas, this was a trend way back in the early 90s. Here’s a little tip for men: If you wanna keep some beard, go for stubble.



The Mullet Hairstyle

Thanks to the Beastie Boys band, this ridiculous hairstyle became a fad back in the 60s. It was also referred to as ‘Business in the front and party at the back’. Just about in a few years, the hairstyle started receiving the criticism it deserved and it died out.



Birkenstock Sandals

These ‘dad shoes’ are quite trendy among the previous generation, due to their flexibility and comfort. It’s a fad among men and women both. Well, they aren’t far behind crocs is being termed as ugliest!



The Fanny Pack

This bag came out in the 1980s and became a major trend, due to the ease and comfort it offered. It is meant to be worn around the waist for easy access to your sunglasses, wallet, etc. This fanny bag is still a fad among the previous generation.



The Round sunglasses

Kudos to John Lennon for making these glasses a fashion statement back in the 60s. Well, to be honest, this trend has survived the test of time and people are still rocking the round shades!