While we are so fascinated by Ocean’s 11, we do have some real-life examples of criminals fleeing from the hands of police authorities and never getting caught. Some include the CBN Bomber, Lord Lucan, the Pink Panthers, and of course, D.B. Cooper. No one knows how they fled, where they are or if they are even alive.

These notorious criminals have surely impressed us, but well, not all criminals are as smart as they think they are. Here are some not-so-smart criminals and the dumb ways they got caught-


The case of a bad memory

In Detroit, two police officers were showing how their Felon Locating System works to children. The offender, R.C. Gatlin was curious to know how the system works and asked the officers to demonstrate the same to him. He provided his driver’s license to the cops and when they put it in the system, they found that he’s a wanted criminal for committing robbery a couple of years ago and he was arrested.



Writing names at the crime scene

The members of a gang called The Adlington Massiv caused destruction at a campsite for children by turning on fire extinguishers and throwing the crockery. The criminal, Peter Anderson wrote his own name on the walls of the campsite and also mentioned his gang. Well, maybe he wanted to leave his autograph at the crime scene, or he was probably not smart enough!



A little flirt gave him away

Aaron Morrison was a shoplifter in Scotland. While he was taking away a bottle of vodka, he started to flirt with one of the employees of the shop and gave his number too. Well, it wasn’t really difficult to track him then.



The Thirsty Thief

While he was committing his perfect crime in Oregon, he never left a fingerprint or even a strand of his hair. He took everything valuable and committed the perfect robbery. He would have never got caught had it been for his sudden urge to drink some orange juice out of the fridge. He wasn’t too careful of not leaving any DNA behind and certainly, a sip of orange juice gave him away.



Blaming the Dog

This is quite a bizarre event. When Reliford Cooper III was being arrested and handcuffed after a high-speed car chase, he was so out of excuses that he blamed the dog for driving the car at such a high speed. Well, another funny twist is that there was never a dog inside the car!


The criminal with Anger Issues

Dennis Newton was accused of committing a robbery at a convenience store. During his trial, he pleaded to be innocent. When an employee of the convenience store testified that it was him who committed the robbery, Dennis lost his calm and yelled ‘I should’ve blown your f…… head off’ and then immediately said ‘Well, if I had been there’. His anger gave him away and he was put behind the bars.



The Facebook Status

Andrew Hannells committed a robbery in a Tesco in Norfolk and later showed off about his crime on Facebook by posting a picture of himself with a knife, with the caption ‘Doing. Tesco. Over.’ The police were alerted and he was caught minutes later with a knife and the stolen cash. Quite a privacy violation!



The Handcuff Game

On Father’s Day, William Kline Jr. was playing with his ten-year-old son. The boy handcuffed himself to his father and lost the keys. The Iowa local police were called to help them get rid of the handcuffs. While the police were going through William’s records, they found two arrest warrants against him, and he was handcuffed, again. Well, it was quite a sad Father’s Day.



The Wheelchair Escape

Noemi Duchene and Luis Del Castillo planned to rob a jewelry store in Texas. While Noemi went inside, Luis stayed outside the store with the perfect escape vehicle – a wheelchair. While they were trying to escape in the wheelchair, it wasn’t really a chase for the police. Well, wheelchairs aren’t to be trusted for escaping a crime scene!



The Snapchat Addict

Christopher Wallace committed theft from a campsite in Pierce Pond Township and was successful in escaping from the authorities. When he returned to his home, he put up a story on snapchat that he was back in Fairfield. Well, he does need social media detoxification.



The Note

Well, this is quite a story. A robber goes into a bank to commit robbery without saying a word. He hands over a note to the bank teller with the inscription ‘Be quick. Be Quite. Give the cash or I will shoot’. The bank teller obliged and gave him the money.

But the note was inscribed on a half of a payslip. Upon searching, the police found the other half just outside the building, which had his name and address. You can easily guess what happened thereafter.



The sleeping Burglar

In New Hampshire, Renaud Jr. Plaisir broke into an apartment to commit theft. He may have been so tired from his life, or he saw the most comfortable sofa in the world, that he decided to sleep in the apartment. The police had to put in a nil effort to catch him and caught the lazy burglar.



The bag

When you are committing a crime, you must make sure that you don’t leave behind any DNA, so that the police can’t trace you. Zachary Tentoni was able to master this technique of not leaving behind his DNA, but he forgot his bag at the crime scene. The contents of the bag included a letter from his mother and his birth certificate. Well, this was quite a careless thief.



The wrong bag

While we are talking of bags, here’s another incident from Sydney, which will tickle your funny bone. While the thief was attempting to steal he bag, he stole from a professional snake catcher and guess what the bag had- A freaking venomous snake. The thief was so terrified that he surrendered to the police. Well, this is not surprising for Australia!



Not a Wise thief

Jacob Wise was attempting to steal some clothes from a shop by removing the security tags. He could have managed to go away with the clothes had he not put the removed tags in his own pocket. Well, he wasn’t as wise as his name suggested.



Craigslist seller

This bike thief from Virginia stole a bike and then put up an ad on craigslist. The funny thing here is that he tried to sell it to the same person he stole it from, unknowingly of course. Well, the police officer reached his house and found a dozen bicycles, twice the number of bicycle wheels, and ammunition too.



The self-obsessed criminal

Donald Pugh was a suspect in a case involving vandalism and arson. The police issued an arrest warrant, but Donald wasn’t satisfied with the picture of him used in the arrest warrant. This self-obsessed offender sent a selfie to the cops and told them to use this picture in the arrest warrant.



The unqualified Car Thief

The only thing you need to know to become a successful car thief is how to drive a car. But, sadly for this teenage thief Mganga Mganga from Nebraska, he wasn’t aware that one can’t become a successful car thief without learning to drive. He was frantically trying to start the car, but was caught by the police, while still trying to start the car!



The short-tempered man

This is an incident from Minnesota, where Justin Boudin punched a woman in the face and thereafter punched another man who tried to stop him. After this brutal assault, Justin fled the scene, but left his folder there itself. Well, here’s the ironic part, the folder contained his anger-management notes, along with his personal information!



The Wives

Frank E. Blake was already imprisoned in a jail in Virginia. On an unfortunate day, his second and third wives showed up to pay a visit to him, wherein the two confronted him. As it turned out, he hadn’t left his first wife too and was legally married to three wives. His jail time increased with the charge of polygamy. What was worse was that all his wives probably left him!



The Paint-Man

Albert Dowdy attempted to break into a house by throwing a paint can at the window. Though he was successful, the paint spilled out of the can. He stole some tuna and oatmeal. However, while moving out, he stepped into the spilled paint. The police tracked his colorful footsteps and arrested him at his home, while he was enjoying a lunch he just stole!



The Invisible Man

McArthur Wheeler robbed two banks during the day. While inside the banks, he smiled at the surveillance cameras and wore no mask to hide his face. When the police came to arrest him he expressed his shock and told the police that he thought that wearing lemon juice on his face would make him invisible. Well, this was a failed science experiment, to say the least.



The not-so-athletic

John Pearce had the perfect plan to commit burglary in broad daylight, but he lacked the only skill required for a successful burglary – athletic abilities. While attempting to break into a house, John’s foot got stuck, and he was left hanging, with nothing to cover his derriere. Well, it must have been quite humorous for the pedestrians and the police!



The Facebook status, again

Well, as we can see, a lot of criminals think that it’s a good idea to show off on Facebook. Michael Baker from Kentucky siphoned gas from a police vehicle, clicked a picture, with the good old middle finger and posted it on social media, to boast about his incredible achievement. Well, of course, he was arrested later.



The paper trail

In North Carolina, a thief entered a restaurant and took away the cash register. What he failed to notice was the paper trail, from the machine, he was leaving behind. This paper trail was enough for the police to track him to his apartment and arrest him. Well, that’s quite a long trail!