When we think of world records, we consider them as extraordinary and amazing feats. For many they’er considered as a great honour for us to experience. The idea of this stemmed from a company who publishes a book every year recording these world records.

You may know this company as the Guinness World Records. And over the years it has become a massive book that’s filled with all kinds of records. While some of them are pertaining to the arts, science, technology, sports and others, this book also houses some truly absurd records.

And we mean really absurd.

These records are so absurd, pointless, and stupid that these have been attempted once and no one else has bothered about breaking them ever again.


Rotations While Hanging On A Power Drill

Set by a man named The Huy Giang, he successfully went through 148 rotations within a minute. No doubt this feat required a lot of upper body strength, but that’s about as interesting as it gets.

At the very least, you’d probably get more of a workout from this than powerlifting. We wouldn’t suggest doing it this way though.



Most Snails On The Face

Fin Kehler is the guy who got this record. In 2009 for his 11th birthday, he allowed his friends and neighbours to cover his head with snails who then stayed there for over 10 seconds. They then sent this record to Guinness, but they didn’t record it. Under the grounds that the achievement was utterly useless.



Watermelons Cut On A Stomach

But it’s not beneath Guinness to record a record of most watermelons that were sliced open on a stomach. This record was set by Bipin Larkin who took a machete and cut open 48 watermelons.

But the real honour should go to Larkin’s buddy who subjected himself to having these watermelons on their stomach in the first place.



Candles Extinguished Via Farting

Many people have all kinds of talents. Some are great chefs, athletes and scientists. Others have a talent of farting on command and blowing out candles that way.

Gerard Jessie from the Philippines is the record holder for this by successfully extinguishing a total of 5 candles via farting.



Pulling An Airplane

This one is hovering between impressive and why would anyone do that? Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast is the record holder for this one. He’s the holder of many weight-pulling records, but this one is a solid one.

In 2009, the Reverend was able to pull a CC-177 Globemaster III airplane for 28 feet. For the record, that plane weights in at 416,299 pounds.

So yeah, we doubt many people are going to be challenging this record anytime soon.



Most Toilet Seats Smashed Via Head

The toilet seat is a wonderful invention, but some people have a vengeance for them it seems. One man is Kevin Shelley who decided to smash his head against these seats 46 times using only his head for a minute straight.

This is a stupid one to go for because not only are toilet seats great, but trying to break them sounds pointless and will likely result in you giving yourself a concussion.



Most Weight Loss And Weight Difference Between Couples

The record holder for this is Jon Brower Minnoch, a Washington State resident. When he was 12 years old, he weighed almost 300 pounds and that kept on rising until 1978. By that time, he weighed in at 1,400 pounds.

That March, he experienced heart and respiratory failure and had to be sent to the hospital for treatment. A total of 12 firemen needed to get in there to drag his body to get to the hospital.

Once he was there he was diagnosed with massive edema and it was estimated that 900 pounds of his body was attributed to built up fluid.

For two years, he stayed there, having to lay on two beds that were lashed together and required 13 people to roll him over when needed. During his two year stay, he was given a 1,200 calorie diet and after those two years he shed 924 pounds.

Jon Brower Minnoch is also the record holder for the most weight difference between couples as well. Going back to the story we mentioned, during his stay he met a woman named Jeannette whom he married while at the hospital.

During his treatment, she weighed in only 110 pounds so they set a record with ease that is very difficult to break.

While that’s great, it’s a little undercut by the fact that Minnoch passed away three years later after his treatment. With chronic obesity and his rapid weight loss, it severely impacted his health.



Most Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Something that Minnoch couldn’t achieve was this one, but it still went to a pretty heavy person. For this record, it went to Carol Yager, a Michigan resident. She was the heaviest woman to have lived weighing in at roughly 1,600 pounds.

Yager was also the holder of most weight loss through non-surgical methods. Over the course of three months, she was able to shed 520 pounds. Though like Minnoch, she didn’t last and in 1994 she passed away. On her death certificate, the death was caused by kidney failure with morbid obesity and organ failures as contributing causes.



The Lightest Adult To Live

A record that no adult would ever be able to achieve, especially when you look at the competition. The record holder for this is Lucia Zarate. She was recorded as the lightest woman to live weighing in at 4.7 pounds.

How she was able to achieve this was the fact she was so short as well. She was only 21.5 inches tall. Not even two feet tall. So not only was she the lightest, but the shortest to ever walk the planet.

She passed away in the 1890s due to hypothermia when her circus train became stranded in the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



Filed The Most Lawsuits

Jonathan Lee Richards is the record holder for this one. This man alone has sued over 4,000 companies and people. These include Pope Benedict XVI and Bill Gates. He even sued Guinness when he found out he was the record holder.



Removed T-shirts While Bouncing A Soccer Ball On Head

Some people use their soccer skills for all kinds of stuff. For a man in Brazil, that’s removing t-shirts while bouncing a soccer ball on their head. Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva is this man who was able to achieve this feat 22 times during Univision’s live broadcast of the Balón de Oro in 2018.



Eating Metal

You are what you eat as they say and for Michel Lotito he was nothing, but a metal stomach. Literally. He passed away in 2007 at 57, but he was famous for eating metal. Over his lifetime, he has eaten nine tons of metal.

This makes sense when you look at his life. His meals consisted of a whole Cessna 150 airplane. Not only that, but the man suffered from something called Pica. It’s a disease where instead of craving fruits and vegetables, he had a hunger for non-food objects such as dirt or grass.



Strongest Groin Kick

Getting kicked in the groin for any man is painful. It’s bordering the pain a woman would experience during childbirth. And keep in mind you don’t need to kick really hard for a man to experience that.

Now imagine a man setting a record for being kicked the hardest in that area.

It’s impressive in its own weird way, but the record holder for this is the seasoned combatant Roy Kirby. The kick was delivered by MMA fighter Justice Smith at the speed of 22 mph with 1100 pounds of force.

And Kirby wasn’t wearing a cup or anything.



Largest Object Removed From A Person’s Skull

It’s obvious that getting stabbed is not good, but it’s worse when the knife is aimed at the head. Best case scenario, you’re walking away with an absurd amount of brain damage.

That was the case for Michael Hill. In 1998, the American man was stabbed in the head with an eight-inch survival knife. The upside to this story is that he somehow survived and has become famous for it.

Nevertheless, this is something that no person in their right mind would ever want to achieve.



Getting The Most Plastic Surgeries

The holder for this is Cindy Jackson who has gone through 52 procedures since 1988. To be clear, she’s gone through mostly cosmetic surgeries during this time.

These surgeries included nose jobs, eye lifts, implants in her cheek and lips, liposuction and operations on her knees, thighs and jawline. She’s also gone through chemical peels, chin bone reduction and has also gone through semi-permanent makeup treatment.



Oldest To Wing Walk

Since the 1920s, airshows have given many people opportunities to practice the act of wing walking. It is exactly as it sounds: you’re walking on the wings while the airplane is in mid-flight.

Of course, these airshows have all kinds of safety measures, but this performance is still very dangerous regardless of how much experience you have. It’s for this reason why Thomas Lackey will be the only one who holds this record as he performed this feat in 2013 at the age of 93.



Living Through The Fastest Car Crash

This record was made in 1966 on November 17th at the Bonneville Salt Flats close to Utah. It was around the time where Art Arfons was piloting his jet-powered Green Monster at 610 mph when all of his sudden, his bearings on the right front wheel seized. This sent the car tumbling for over a mile across the flats.

Arfons was pulled from the wreck, bloodied and dazed. But oddly enough his injuries entailed some cuts, friction burns and bruises.



Sniffing Those Feet And Armpits

For the average person, body odour is something we try to remedy. It’s why there is a massive industry revolving around shampoo and deodorant. But all of this comes with a cost.

Yes. Some people are hired to smell armpits and feet to test these products’ effectiveness. This record was set by Madeline Albrecht who spent 15-years sniffing about 5,600 feet and “indeterminate” amount of armpits too.

You can try to beat this record if you can, but at least in this case it doesn’t sound as bad. We mean like, this was her job. She wasn’t at least wandering around sniffing people’s feet and armpits for kicks.



Longest Fingernails

One of the grossest records and utterly pointless is longest fingernails. Shridhar Chillal from India is this record holder and how he achieved this was by not cutting his nails for 66 years. Last he measured them, they were 29 feet in length.

He started this journey when he was 14 years old after being chastised for breaking a nail around the time. Though one thing to note is that this is only on his left hand. So during his 66 years, he was still able to go about his day. He just had to use his right hand for all this time.



Largest Kidney Stone

Kidney stones aren’t meant to be pretty big. In the medical industry, a kidney stone shouldn’t be larger than a golf ball. But like with everything, there are definitely some outliers.

Such was the case in 2009 when a Hungarian man by the name of Sandor Sarkadi had a stone removed from his kidney. It weighed in at 2.5 pounds and was about the size of a coconut.

Needless to say, the amount of pain this record holder had to go through is something we can’t even imagine.



The Mantle Of Bees

While bees play a very important role in our ecosystem, they are still insects we’d rather not have to deal with when they are near us. That’s not the case with Ruan Liangming who holds the record for being covered by the heaviest mantle of bees.

He was covered in about 637,000 of them, which weighed in at about 140 pounds. This is one of the absurd records because you’re going to have to deal with getting stung several hundred times.



Eating Cockroaches

On the note of bugs, some people have a love for bugs. So much so that they might not want to be covered in them, but would rather eat them.

This is the philosophy of Ken Edwards, an Englishman who has eaten 36 cockroaches within the span of a minute in 2001. This was also recorded on the set of The Big Breakfast TV show, so you have video evidence too.



The Man Who Survived A Tornado

You’ve heard of storm chasers or tornado spotters, but have you heard of tornado survivors? These aren’t people who would try to outrun them or anything, but rather people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This was the case of a Missouri man named Matt Suter. In 2006, then 19-year-old Suter was engulfed by a tornado while inside his mobile home. Suter was knocked unconscious, but woke up later 398 meters away in a nearby field.

He only suffered minor injuries fortunately, but we don’t think people are going to be keen on trying to break this record anytime soon.



Broken Bones

There is a certain level of pride whenever you break bones in your body. It’s not pleasant, but some see it as a sort of badge of honour of sorts. That must be the case for Evel Knievel, the man who made motorcycle long-jumps a thing.

This motorcycle legend suffered 433 bone fractures by the end of 1975. After that, he retired from those major performances, but still kept doing his thing in smaller exhibitions. He did this with his son Robbie, who he established as his successor. Fortunately, Robbie nor any other person has tried to go after this record.