In the 90s who would have thought that we would be using smartphones and smartwatches? We have surely come a long way from writing a letter to just asking Siri to send a text. The technology is ever-evolving, but we aren’t as close to some technological advancements as we thought.

We always thought that we would have flying cars by 2020, but here we are still stuck in traffic. Blame it on the movies we watched, but we all did expect time travel, didn’t we? But we are still far away from these technologies.

Here are some technology and gadgets that we thought would exist by now-


Rocket packs

The basic function of this device is based on Newton’s 3rd law – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The combustion process occurs inside the device, which releases gas. Due to this powerful release of gas, the wearer experiences a thrust upwards. These devices are used for training astronauts and also in water sports. Well, you may blame it on Iron Man, but we expected that we would be able to fly high in the sky.



The Dyson shell

This device is based on Freeman J. Dyson’s theory, which was based on the question of what would happen if we were able to utilize all of the Sun’s energy. Earth receives only a limited amount of Sun’s energy, which is enough to run a whole planet, but what avenues will open if we are able to utilize all of the Sun’s energy.

The device, which could utilize the energy was named the Dyson shell or the Dyson sphere. The scientist proposed that not only we would be able to use the energy, but it would also open an avenue for us to find new galaxies and even aliens.

But, we are still far away from it.




Well, all the Star Wars fans hoped that we would have lightsabers in the near future. But, we are still far away from finding a power source to power up a lightsaber that would cut through walls. We don’t have force fields and don’t have a way of recharging the batteries if we ever develop such powerful batteries.

Honestly, we don’t see enough motivation among the scientists and engineers to look for solutions for creating a lightsaber.




While we are talking of Star Wars, another movie franchise has fuelled our imagination. Through Star Trek, we were introduced with the concept of transporting humans from one place to another instantly.

Teleportation is a theory of quantum physics and deals with transporting the atoms of a human from one place to another. But, it is still a theory, and scientists are yet to discover a method to make it possible.



Superluminal Motion

In a non-scientific language, it means traveling faster than light. Light travels at the fastest speed and if we are able to travel faster than light, we will be able to defy the concept of time. Thanks to Interstellar, our concepts are clear after watching it a few hundred times. When we are able to achieve superluminal motion, we will be able to analyze black holes. But we believe we are still marching ahead in space with the first picture of a black hole in 2019. Let’s hope we are able to achieve this feat while we are still alive!



Time travel

While we are talking about defying the concept of time, how can we forget time travel?

There are so many movies which made us think that time travel will be possible in the near future. In recent times, Avengers: Endgame too brought to us the concept of time travel. But, with so many paradoxical riddles related to time travel, the question still is – is it even feasible to achieve time travel?



Brain Uploading

Well, this concept is based on achieving immortality, by literally transferring our memories, intelligence, and knowledge onto a computer device. Through this theory, we can actually attain technological immortality. The theory doesn’t stop here. Even if we are able to develop such a process, the device can be chipped onto or attached to another human body or a robot, so you can practically never die. How cool is that?



Virtual Reality

We can all agree that we have made a lot of progress in virtual reality by literally transforming the gaming world. We have also introduced virtual reality to corporate communications, and have even used it in circuses in place of animals. But deep down we all know that we haven’t really used it up to its true potential.

It is only a matter of time when we are able to develop the concept of virtual reality and incorporate it into our routine life.



The Shrink Ray

Well, again we will have to blame the movies Honey, I shrunk the kids and of course Marvel’s Ant-Man for fuelling our wild imagination. But yes, the idea is absolutely superb. Imagine shrinking ourselves and exploring ant colonies, or going into the deepest, narrowest caves. We could open so many avenues of exploration by just going under a shrink ray.

But we are yet to develop a machine, which can reduce the size of our atoms, which is literally impossible. But there’s no harm in imagining.



The Digital Healthcare Database

There are so many biological and medical discoveries being made and new methods being developed. But unfortunately, we aren’t able to create a platform for these discoveries and methods being accessible to people around the world. We believe that this is quite possible and actually needed.

Accumulating, sorting and utilizing medical techniques and discoveries needs to be done worldwide and there needs to be a universal database for all the medical discoveries. Unfortunately, it is not a priority for our world leaders at the moment.



Multilingual Instant Translator

Another idea that is not impossible to develop is instant translation. While Google Translate is doing well, it has still not been able to properly convert languages and provide a proper meaning, adhering to the grammar of a particular language.

Let’s hope we are able to have it soon, since it isn’t really an impossible idea.



Flying Cars

We don’t even want to start on how much we believed that flying cars were practically our only future. Whenever we talked of the future, flying cars were always mentioned in the conversations. But the automobile industry has still a long way to go.

With Elon Musk sending a car into space, we can surely hope that he can make a flying Tesla soon!



Autonomous Cars

While we are speaking of cars, how can we forget self-driving cars? We always imagined that we would not undergo the hassle of learning to drive in the future. All we would need to do was to simply sit in the car and ask the Robo-car to take us to our destination.

In 2017 Google pulled a prank on us on April Fool’s Day by claiming that they are developing a self-driving bike in the Netherlands. Well, let’s hope this prank turns into a reality soon!



The Clone Machine

We did believe that animals can be cloned, and guess what, we have achieved the impossible by developing clones of animals like frogs, sheep, cats, pigs, mice, and cows.

But, we are still far behind the idea of human clones. The concept of human cloning was recently shown in Jurassic World 2. The idea of human cloning is very debatable, but we aren’t really hopeful that this will happen anytime soon.



3D Bioprinting

While we are talking about human cloning, it is absolutely necessary to talk about bioprinting. It is a brilliant technique wherein we can clone any muscle tissue or skin cells and we are successful in bioprinting. But we aren’t able to clone any human organ as of yet. If we are able to develop this technique of 3D bioprinting to clone organs, we would be able to eliminate the need of organ transfer. How freaking cool is that?



Emotion Recognition Analysis

While we are capable of recognizing human emotions, but the idea of artificial intelligence recognizing and analyzing the emotions of humans will be a huge step in the advancement of artificial intelligence. While we have developed the first humanoid robot – Sophia, we are still not able to crack the code of emotion for artificial intelligence.



The Cure for Cancer

It’s been so long, since we are waiting for a cure for cancer and it doesn’t seem anywhere in the near future. People are still dying of cancer, battling it out, spending bucks on painful treatments and we are just not able to help them.

During campaigning in 1910, President William Howard Taft promised a cure for cancer, but it turned out to be an empty promise, even after more than a century!



Inter-planetary human colonies

We all dreamed of settling on Mars or going to a planet far away from Earth. But we don’t really see this happening anytime soon and are sure that no planet can host us except our Dear Earth. We have finally realized the unique character of Earth and are now pledging to protect it. We shouldn’t really think of going to another planet, while we miserably fail to take care of the only planet we have.



Self-cleaning Clothes

Doing laundry is the most dreaded task of all time. And in this fast-moving world, no one really has the time to do their laundry. In answer to our woes, RIMT University developed self-cleaning clothes, which would only require some sunshine to clean up themselves.

But we still haven’t got a chance to try them on.



Super-vision Lenses

Imagine having contact lenses that not only improve your vision, but also help you search for information while wearing them, just like having a Google search bar right in front of you. Well, we do have the Google Glass, but it isn’t as good as it was expected to be.

Besides, these super-vision contact lenses will be so instrumental for our military forces.

Let’s hope we get to wear them in this life!