Exercise is one of the finest gifts that you can give to yourself. It not only helps you in maintaining a healthy physique, but also relaxes the body and mind, which keeps stress and anxiety in check. However, like all good habits, regular exercise is the key when it comes to unlocking the full potential of working out.

Today, we’re sharing a list of twenty curious facts about working out that most people aren’t familiar with. So, check out this list and put on your running shoes to start exercising now!


10 minutes rule

While it may seem like an insignificant amount in contrast to what you’ve heard before, numerous scientific studies have actually proven that even ten minutes of workout a day will keep you healthy.

Sorry, seems like you no longer have an excuse to skip a workout, do you?



Workout controls food cravings

There’s a misconception that working out on a regular basis actually makes one eat more, which is far from the truth. A high-intensity workout, in fact, decreases food cravings! And this isn’t our take on this, numerous studies have revealed this over the last few years.

In fact, even one hour of jogging will affect parts of your brain that light up when you see foods that are low in calories.



Brisk walking is the key

Walking has never really been considered a form of exercise according to popular opinions, and this leads people to believe that it doesn’t affect your health as a “real” workout does.

Well, science has time and again demonstrated that your workout isn’t really effective only when you sweat a lot. If you include walking as part of your regular exercise plan, you can very much benefit from it. From getting your heart pumping to burning your fat and working out your muscles, brisk walking can achieve all of that.

In fact, brisk walking has shown to burn almost as many calories as one would burn through jogging! So, what are you waiting for? Put on those running walking shoes and go for a brisk walk.



Drinking water is essential

While everyone understands the importance of drinking water, not many understand that it affects your ability to exercise, too. If you exercise in a dehydrated condition, you’re not only putting yourself in the risk of getting injured, you’re also severely restricting your performance – big time.

Our athleticism depends a lot on how much water our body has, and dehydration affects that a lot. For example, just a 2 percent drop in fluid levels in your body can affect your exercise performance up to 25 percent!

So, the next time you head out for a workout, don’t forget to drink water before you leave.



Swimming is a better workout than running

If you aim to do both cardio and strength training at the same time, there cannot be a better exercise than swimming. So, if you want to shed some weight and build a lean physique, swimming is a lot better than running.

As they say, if you run a mile, it is a good exercise, but if you swim for a mile, it is a great exercise! So, if you can opt for swimming rather than jogging, you are definitely opting for the right choice for your workout regimen.



Exercise prevents hangovers

We are ready to try almost anything and everything to get rid of those splitting headaches that occur because of a hangover. While there are plenty of “cures” out there for a hangover, there’s nothing better than sweating out your hangover! And we’re not the only ones who believe that; science agrees, too.



Exercise improves sex life

We all know the numerous benefits workouts provide, but most people are not aware that it also boosts your sex life. By following an exercise schedule diligently, you’ll not only find yourself fitter and stronger, but also end up improving your sex life. Yep, a regular workout regimen is the best tonic for your arousal!



You can also get a better paying job!

While this may be a bit far-fetched, but working out regularly can actually get you a high paying job! American Psychological Association (APA) studies say that after a finish of a high-intensity workout, there is a release of mood-enhancing enzymes that are extremely beneficial to mental health.

This gives a boost of confidence, which in turn can help you in getting your dream job. For that matter, a boost in confidence can help you achieve many things in life. So, keep working out hard and that dream job wouldn’t seem too far away!



Caffeine helps

We all want to enhance our workout performance. However, supplements can often cause adverse effects on your body that isn’t worth the risk.

Good news! Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is found in coffee and is considered one of the safest alternatives that can boost your workout performance.

In fact, black coffee is considered one of the most effective drinks that you can consume before your workout, according to numerous research studies.



Men and women’s bodies react differently to exercise

According to numerous scientific studies, an average woman loses a lot more fat than an average male while carrying out the same set of exercises. Interestingly, men are capable of losing more fat than women, after their workout is over. In other words, exercise validates that men and women are designed differently, and consequently, they burn fat in quite different ways.



Sweat is your true friend

Exercising is not just limited to lifting heavy weights and going for a Rocky Run. A regular workout regime gives you healthy skin that you cannot get otherwise.

By exercising intensely and sweating after that, you’re basically giving yourself a mini-facial. Further, sweating also reduces inflammation in your body, helps proper regulation of skin-related hormones, and also decreases the free radicals in your body.

While working out, the arteries in our skin open up, which allows more blood to reach the surface of the skin and deliver the nutrients. This not only keeps our skin healthy, but also repairs the damage caused by environmental factors such as pollutants and sun. And finally, these essential nutrients also replenish the collagen production, which removes wrinkles from your skin.



Exercise may or may not improve your immune system

Contrary to popular opinion, scientific studies haven’t been able to establish the correlation between working out and boosting immunity. While working out definitely makes your heart healthier and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest, the same cannot be said for other illnesses.



Exercising regularly can get rid of insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder that affects millions across the world today. The good news is that you can easily and effectively counter this by working out on a regular basis.

According to numerous studies carried out on this issue, there’s solid proof that working out helps a person in falling asleep easily, and also getting a night of good quality sleep.

However, this wouldn’t be effective if you decide to pump irons right before hitting the bed. Exercising way too late in the day can have an adverse effect on your body, and in fact, worsen your sleep pattern.



Working out your body works out your brain as well

People often believe that we cannot boost our memory, as it is something unchanging. The fact is, it’s not! While improving your memory may not be an easy task, there are actually ways that can help you do that.

You can boost your memory by practicing memory building exercises. A recent Harvard University study points out that even a regular workout session can help increase the production of brain cells, which aids memory and overall learning.

So, working out not only makes you stronger, but it also makes you smarter.



Exercise leads to an increase in appetite

One of the most common misconceptions that people believe even today is that people who work out rigorously are the ones who starve themselves. This is completely wrong.

In fact, a fit person may eat more than what an obese, unfit person eats. This is due to the fact that a kilogram of muscle burns approximately three times more calories than a kilogram of fat does.

In other words, if you have more muscle in your body than fat, you can consume more delicious, healthy foods.



Take one step at a time – literally!

Like we’ve already covered in this list above, brisk walking is as good a workout as it gets.

If you are someone who loves stats and you need actual data to be convinced that walking is a great form of exercise, then keep this one in mind: for every step you take, your body uses 200 muscles of your body!



Prevents diabetes aka the silent killer

Working out is a great way to prevent insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and other similar health issues. In fact, any kind of training – whether aerobic or resistance – improves insulin function and also keeps BG levels, lipids in check. However, in order to unlock the full potential, exercise should be carried out on a regular basis.

For people who already have type 2 diabetes, they can also carry out regular workouts in a safe manner as long as they take certain precautions.

In fact, including a workout program helps manage health in people with type 2 diabetes effectively.



Never too old to work out

Older people are reluctant to try resistance training despite the fact that muscle mass loss is larger in old age.

Most people have this misconception that years (or decades) of inactivity make them too old to try resistance training. However, with a proper training plan and the right mindset, you can improve your fitness levels no matter what the age.

If you are close to your retirement age or already past it, you can still work out and boost your energy levels. A consistent workout regimen will keep your retirement years active and fulfilling.



Music doesn’t help you in any way

A lot of people prefer to listen to music while they exercise, but it doesn’t really help them.

According to research that has been carried out over the last few years, there is practically no difference in workout performance whether or not you’re listening to any music.

That said, music is totally awesome and life wouldn’t be the same without it. However, don’t expect music to improve your workout performance in any way.



Improves mental health

Last but not the least, a workout isn’t just about your muscle size or athletic capabilities. Exercise is meant to keep your body and mind in sync and ensure your mental fitness as well. People who do workout on a daily basis are able to have a good sleep, have a better memory, are more energetic, and find themselves more confident about their lives.

In fact, there is no better way to be in control of your mental health than regular exercise.