Looking for what to do for a date night can be challenging. For many couples their options could be doing something that they’ve done before for the past several months already. Or perhaps there is something new and exciting, but it’s outside of you and your significant other’s budget.

Whatever the case is, date nights are important for any couple no matter the age, and it’s important to think in a creative way. With this in mind, here are some really good and fun ideas that are also surprisingly cheap to do.


Backyard, Living Room, Or Outdoor Picnics

This is an activity that you can do in any season. Too cold or wet outside? Have a picnic indoors. A nice day out but there’s no good spots? Go to your backyard or find a nice place nearby.

Also, we’d encourage you to make it as authentic as possible. This means to not just warm up leftovers and have it all out on the patio or in the living room. Prepare sandwiches, cold salads, cheeses and fruits. Get a blanket and lay on it. It’s a lot of fun and breaks the usual routine.

On the other hand, if there are good spots or a park nearby, you can always go for a picnic there. Should the opportunity arise, this is always a good activity that is friendly to your wallet and is romantic.



Window Shopping Or Shopping In Bookstores & Pet Shops

An idle activity that can be a good pause from the hectic lives that we lead. It’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. While looking at the various items around stores, you can talk about all kinds of things.

Talk about life, tell some funny stories or how your week is going. The only cost to you is the money to transport yourself to the closest shopping area and maybe a little extra for your local coffee shop. We’d also recommend doing this while you are full, so you don’t feel tempted to buy extra food.

Some other places we’d recommend checking out are bookstores and/or pet stores. They sound unusual, but hear us out on that.

Bookstores are pretty solid options, as books provide many great experiences. It’s one of those under-appreciated places that has many wonders to it if you give it a chance.

Alternatively, pet stores are pretty good as well. The animals in there are adorable or interesting and are good to look at. Just have some self-control so you don’t end up leaving the store with a bunch of animals. This also applies to animal shelters as well. Those animals in particular could use some love and of course the extra attention too.



Go For Walks Or Hikes

On the same vein as window shopping, going for a casual walk together can be good as well. If you’re living in an area with trails or plenty of sidewalks, this is a good opportunity to get some exercise in.

Of course, what would be better is going for walks around nature preserved areas, lakes, or parks. Or if walking is part of your routine, you can mix it up by going to a place you haven’t been before.

For those who want more challenges, you can also consider hiking as well. A hike is a different form of walking, as this one is at a higher intensity. Should you have a trail that can provide that, do it.



Visit A Museum

While at most cases you’ll end up spending money at museums, there are free museums or exhibits that you can check out. Be sure to visit your local museum’s website for more details on pricing, but also the events. Who knows they may have free admissions or you may be able to get coupons that give you discounts on specific days.

Either way, this is an opportunity to learn something new and experience it with someone you love.



Look At Older Pictures

We may not be keeping around photo albums any more, but there is still something to be said about looking back at old photos. During those times, it freezes moments that could spark conversations.

And while you think this only applies to couples who have been together for a long time, that’s not always the case. You can always show other pictures that tell stories about your life. Nevertheless, these are all opportunities to learn about your partner.



Solve Some Puzzles Or Something Else

Get some music on, get some snacks and open up a box of puzzles. Puzzles of course help with problem solving, but there is also a sense of teamwork that can strengthen bonds. There is a surprising amount of teamwork that stems from an activity that is simple in concept and inexpensive.

On a similar note, building other things other than puzzles works as well. There are tons of crafts that couples can do that are practical. You’ve also got other items that require some assembly as well like bird houses, or bookshelves.



Check Out A Play

When we think of plays, some of us might think of broadways, but that’s not what we’re talking about. While those are nice, they are pretty expensive. But what isn’t – is checking out the shows that the local high school(s), or community college(s) put on. You might also be fortunate to have a drama community that puts on shows on occasion. All of them are pretty cheap in comparison and the performances are still solid.



Work Out Together

Another unusual activity you wouldn’t think of doing, but it does make sense. Whenever working out, you are releasing endorphins, which is a good thing for various reasons. All we’ll say is afterwards, make sure you take a shower.

What’s also nice about this is you don’t have to go to a local gym. There are thousands of workout videos on YouTube that range in difficulty.



Movie Marathon On Netflix, Youtube, or DVD/Bluray

From the Marvel films to Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more, there are many great movie series you can check out. Grab a bowl of popcorn and binge watch some of your favourite movie sagas.

You have plenty of alternatives to watch those movies again either through Netflix, Youtube, or through your own movie collection. Alternatively, you can always go for a specific theme if these series aren’t your thing. With platforms like Netflix and Youtube, these can easily facilitate that.

One other alternative is checking out some of the new series that Netflix produces as well. The content is great and the performances are wonderful too.



Romantic Dinner At Home

Fancy restaurants are nice, but they’re not always the best when you’re on a budget. The thing is you don’t always need a fancy restaurant to connect over food. What’s important is getting the atmosphere, which you can certainly do at home.

Get some nice dinnerware, some candles and put on some music that fits the mood. In terms of the food, it doesn’t need to be exquisite. There are tons of easy recipes you can check out that work well like spaghetti or burgers. However, if you are skilled in this area, challenge yourself with something nice.



Play Sports

For the more athletically inclined, there is always sports. Similar to working out, this can still make for a fun way to experience a date night. It sounds unusual, but like a lot of these things on this list, date night isn’t always about traditional romantic activities. It’s more to do with activities together.

In this case whether you’re on opposing sides or working as a team, there are plenty of sports places where you can play all kinds of sports. What’s also nice about this is that if you have community centers in the area, that means this is something you can do every week if you want to.



Game Night With Friends

While many think date night needs to be only the two of you, that’s not the case. Consider this particular activity that breaks that tradition. If you don’t have any little ones yet or they’re off at a friend’s house, this can be an opportunity for you to invite a couple of your friends over and have some fun games together.



Volunteer Together

There are all kinds of causes and non-profit companies looking for volunteers. If there is something in your community that you and your partner support, this is an opportunity for you to do something you both agree on.

It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy. It could be biking down a trail or cleaning up a local park, lake, or beach. Whatever the case is – this can be a fun experience.



Check Out Arcades

You don’t need to go to any big-name arcades to experience this, but in some cities you may be able to find some arcades that are still operational. Nevertheless, these games are a lot of fun to experience together. All you need to do is grab some quarters.



Cook Together

While not every dish requires two people, it doesn’t hurt to split up the task. One person cutting up all the ingredients and the other preparing the dish. Either way, it’s all a good experience as it involves food, working together and maybe some wine and nice music.

What’s also nice is if one or both are skilled at cooking, you can consider going for a more complex dish. Or in the event that one of you isn’t a good cook, the other could teach the other.



Chat About Dreams & Goals

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s important to know boundaries and where each person is at and where they want to go. Not only with the relationship, but with life. While this may not sound like a great experience, it can be.

It gives you the opportunity to learn more about your partner and you also get an opportunity to talk about the things that excite you too. It also forms a sense of camaraderie. After all, now that both of you know each other’s goals, both of you can help support one another’s goals.



Activities Based On Discounted items Bought

The last activity is an unusual one, but it’s fun. With sites like Groupon, you can find all kinds of coupons for stuff you can get for cheaper. What’s insane about it is you can find all kinds of activities that you can do together for cheap. Whether that is various items or perhaps classes, there’s all kinds of activities available.